Sitting in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for hours each week, Skye came up with the catch phrase "Loom to the Moon"!

How to Help Us

1. Individuals

  • MAKE it: any style, any colour (blue & white are Skye's faves)
  • SHARE it: on Facebook (a photo & the length)
  • SEND it: to Skye at Blue Skye Thinking, 59 Hendred Way, Abingdon, OX14 2AW, United Kingdom
    along with the following form:
  • GIVE to it: TEXT 'LOOM66 £2' (or £1/£5/£10) to 70070


2. Schools

Download the free School Pack and get your pupils to join the attempt to set a World Record.

Follow this LINK to print out a LETTER and POSTER to get you started.


3. Groups / Clubs / Places of Work

We are currently working on a pack - for now please use the free School Pack above.

Print out this poster and take it into your school, club or place of work and get people involved! Keep Looming!


"You can now help me even more by sponsoring my Loom to the Moon challenge. I am fundraising for the charity Blue Skye Thinking which supports research so that other children like me who have been diagnosed with brain tumours will have a better chance of survival and quality of life."

Please donate as generously as you are able.

Thank you so very much.

Buy Loom Bands on Amazon and support Blue Skye Thinking


When you buy on Amazon with the link above, a proportion of the price comes to Blue Skye Thinking via Amazon's affiliate programme. You can also Donate directly to the Charity, by going to the Blue Skye Thinking DONATE page.