"Brain Tumours are the biggest cancer killer in children and cure rates have not improved in 40 years. Current treatment can have devastating consequences in terms of side effects. Researchers are trying to establish new, innovative ways to treat childhood brain tumours."


By funding a PhD research post we can get that one step closer to unlocking the science behind this devastating disease and one step closer to a cure. Thank you to all our donors for making this possible! Gemma Llargues Sistac started in January 2016.


Researchers are always having to think 'outside the box' and not accept the status quo. Together, we're bringing fresh thinking and great initiatives to new and better treatments of childhood brain tumours.

Post Doctoral Researchers lead specific research projects, accelerating the work within a Research Centre.

Relapsed brain tumours carry the most devastating prognosis – fewer than 10% of children who relapse following current therapies will survive.  We would like to fund a three year Post Doctoral research position at the renowned Northern Institute for Cancer Research, specialising in pioneering work on the biology of relapsed brain tumours in order to develop new targeted treatments.




"Creating a talking point with your child in a sterile environment is difficult. Something else to see, to visit, to distract, to encourage, would be very beneficial. The mental well being of children is every bit as important as the medical treatment they receive."

Children's Hospital Loomstallation 2019

The Loom to the Moon Art Spectacular is set to be the interactive centrepiece of the main atrium at The Oxford Children’s Hospital, to commemorate it's tenth anniversary, where it is intended to engage and inspire children and their families during hospital visits and stays.

It's presence will preserve and encapsulate the phenomenal work of so many children across the world and provide a lasting testament for Skye Hall and the pioneering work of Blue Skye Thinking.


Just a small donation can go a long way and can give children much needed light relief during the invasive treatment process to support their emotional well-being. Skye loved magic and always cherished visits from some wonderful entertainers. A puppet and magic show is being written and created, and a magician is on board to tour with Blue Skye Thinking to all of the paediatric oncology wards across the country, to brighten their days and stimulate their minds.