Guinness World Record breaking 30,000m colourful loom band chain is destined for even greater things...
John Radcliffe, Oxford Children's Hospital

John Radcliffe, Oxford Children's Hospital

In 2015, children all over the UK responded to five-year old Skye Hall’s last wish to “Loom to the Moon”. In his final weeks battling an aggressive brain tumour, Skye was inspired to ask for support to create a record-breaking loom band chain of the most epic proportions, in a countrywide campaign, intended to draw attention to his plight, and increase awareness of the shortage of research into childhood brain tumours and their treatment. Supporters rallied to his cause and now the resulting Guinness World Record breaking 30,000m colourful loom band chain is destined for even greater things. 

In order to preserve and encapsulate this phenomenal work of so many children, and to fulfil a need that has been requested by the hospital and it’s users, the chain is being cleverly utilised in a fantastical, interactive, child-focused art spectacular.  The installation will be the centrepiece of the main atrium of The Children’s Hospital and will serve to engage and inspire children and their families during hospital visits and stays. It will also commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Hospital. 

One of a number of design options

One of a number of design options

Commissioned by an experienced artist, this scheme is a collaboritive effort from numerous sources including the Oxford University Hospital's Trust, Carillion, the Children's Hospital School, the Hospital Play Specialist Department and the Charity.

Over 100,000 children are treated each year at the Hospital from wide areas of the community for a range of conditions including heart disease, chest disease, childhood cancer, neurological disorders and those requiring specialist surgery. Many children are visiting the hospital for the first time and are understandable anxious.

The artwork will function to make the current entrance space less clinical and provide a much needed visual focus and distraction for the children treated and their families, capturing their imagination, encouraging interaction and providing distraction during what can be prolonged and confined treatment stays. Having spoken with many parents on varying wards, it is apparent that this project would be extremely well received.

 Blue Skye Thinking is seeking funding to complete and install a unique, low maintenance and sizeable multi-faceted art piece to brighten and bring colour and wonder to the Children’s Hospital at the John Radcliffe Hospital for many years to come, for the benefit of the local Oxford community and all those visiting the hospital for specialist treatment.

If you are able to contribute to this valuable project, we will have an area dedicated to supporters where names of sponsors can be readily seen. 

Please email us for more details:

Quotes from Hospital users

“Creating a talking point with your child in a sterile environment is difficult. An added feature would be just amazing… something else to see, to visit, to distract, to encourage, would be very beneficial not only to the children, but to the parents who are under pressure to find a constant supply of things to do in a limited and confined space." Rachel and Ophelia
“We think this is an amazing project that could provide some invaluable space or a destination in the hospital to revive the spirits, provide distraction and offer some fun times for the children. The project demonstrates community spirit in such a unique and inspiring way.” Helene and Adam Gentry
“When Grace was allowed out of the room and off the ward, I used to pretend to kidnap her – we would sneak a wheelchair and hide her under a blanket as we drove past the nurses station, who would all pretend not to see us.  Then, we would whiz down the corridors and up and down in lifts, in search of anything that might raise a smile. Making her giggle was priceless….  The mental well being of children is every bit as important as the medical treatment they receive.” Shelley Duggan 
“Having spent time in a number of different Children’s Hospitals with my son Henry, I have seen first hand, the benefit of a stimulating, child friendly environment and one which reflects the ethos of the hospital and the service it provides.” Dawn Allen





We have over 30,000m of Loom Bands and will submit this amount to Guinness in the future, so everyone's donation added.        Thank you for all your hard work! If you would like a personalised certificate, please go to the online shop and order from there.

Sitting in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for hours each week, Skye came up with the catch phrase "Loom to the Moon"!

One little boy's dying wish to make his loom band reach the moon.

Thousands of children helped him #LoomtotheMoon, attempting to breaking a World Record in the process. 

Over 200K raised for Brain Tumour cancer research charity - Blue Skye Thinking

BUT did we fulfil Skye's wish? This video has to be seen to be believed!!! Please share link with as many people as you know.



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How You Can Help Us

1. Individuals

This video contains the full story of the inspiration behind Blue Skye Thinking and the Loom to the Moon challenge - Skye Hall.

It include details on how loom bands need to be JOINED to comply with The Guinness World Record

  • MAKE it: any style, any colour (blue & white are Skye's faves)
  • SHARE it: on Facebook (a photo & the length)
  • SEND it to Skye at: Blue Skye Thinking, 59 Hendred Way, Abingdon, OX14 2AW, United Kingdom
    along with this FORM
  • GIVE to it: TEXT 'LOOM66 £2' (or £1/£5/£10) to 70070
  • Get your friends to sponsor you for each metre you make. Download your Sponsorship Form here!


2. Schools

Download the free School Pack and get your pupils to join the attempt to set a World Record.

Follow this LINK to print out a LETTER and POSTER to get you started.


3. Groups / Clubs / Places of Work

Download the free Community Pack for your Group, Club, Place of Work and get looming!

Print out this poster and take it into your school, club or place of work and get people involved! Keep Looming!


"You can now help me even more by sponsoring my Loom to the Moon challenge. I am fundraising for the charity Blue Skye Thinking which supports research so that other children like me who have been diagnosed with brain tumours will have a better chance of survival and quality of life."

Please donate as generously as you are able.

Thank you so very much.