Oxfordshire Business Awards and BBC One Coverage!

Feeling rather relieved today as we are so close to our final fundraising target and the amazing accolade of becoming finalists for the prestigious Oxford Business Awards might just help us hit our total! All we need now is for local businesses to recognise the incredible effort and massive strides Blue Skye Thinking is making in the world of Children's Cancer.

We have not been placed as finalists in one category but TWO!!

Many congratulations to Special Effect and Sobell House, great to see our name amongst such wonderful organisations!

It doesn't stop there...

Tune into BBC One at 4.30pm today to see much loved BBC presenter and antiques expert Jonty Hearnden, buy and sell rather interesting items on 'Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' raising funds and giving a plug for his chosen Charity - guess who??? Watch again on BBC iPlayer

If anyone is considering doing a Summer Ball or big event where a charity auction would fit in well, I can highly recommend Jonty. He is helpful, honest and a really good sport when it comes to auctions. He can also provide his own bought in art such as PIcasso and Dali limited editions which always bring in a profit -providing you run the event for us of course!!

Must go as have just been scammed for a double buggy purchase I have just made to accommodate our new arrival - paid in full and it never arrived. They have apparently sold the second hand buggy several times over - why are some people so dishonest when the gooduns like Skye receive such a terrible fate - I just don't get the world sometimes....