Thinking of you on your 9th Birthday Skye!

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Writing helps me. I work so very hard every day to put on a cheerful 'face' - especially for my wonderful Jesse who is super sensitive to anyone's mood shift in the house. Andrew and I played down Skye's impending birthday this year as we didn't want to make life all about Skye and thought Jesse would prefer the limelight for a while. How wrong we were!

On the way back from school he said "So what are we doing for Skye's birthday this year? It is very cool to be nine, we must celebrate." I can't put into words the level of 'knowing' Jesse seems to have. He is quite exceptional in his ability to pick up on how Andrew and I are feeling and always tries to make things better.


This morning he got himself up, dressed, ate breakfast and wrote the note above all before the rest of us even roused. Jesse's love for his big brother is as strong now as it has always been and no amount of time will change that. I forget that Jesse needs and wants to be allowed to think and talk about Skye just as much as we need do and I will continue to encourage that.

At Jesse's request, we are making a cake and celebrating the coolness of being 9! 

As you watch the fireworks tonight, please remember our darling Skye on his 9th Birthday.

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