Cake Smash for Baby Flynn

Guess what?

It’s Flynn’s Birthday!

One whole year old.

It has been a happy day today.



Awoken by Jesse (and Skye) telling Flynn the significance of the day and he just grinned as he always does. Skye still features heavily in Jesse’s make believe world and he is often telling us that Skye has hopped down for a play. I don’t worry about this as Jesse is an incredibly sociable chap and had no problem making live friends too.

Andrew and I always find ‘special days’ some of the hardest to cope with but I am getting better at hiding what I feel for ‘the greater good’ and of course determined to make each day as good as I possibly can for J and F.

Cramming the day with activities is always good way to occupy one’s mind and musical statues seemed a good way to start. Skye won of course but apparently Jesse has picked him to be on his team so they both needed a prize ;-)


For anyone wanting to know what this is… well it is the aftermath of a cake smash! It all came about because I was telling Jesse how Granny had made me a telephone cake when I was young and I had picked up the receiver to try to make a call. He thought this was so funny and said he thought Flynn would definitely try to pick up his ‘ball’ cake. Not wanting to miss a photo opportunity, we nipped to buy a piece of plexiglass, placed the cake and Flynn on it then snapped away. You really must try it – so much fun! 

Why the plexiglass you may ask? Well not only is it supposed to contain the mess, (it didn’t,) but gives a beautiful reflection so little grubby feet and crums of cake are highlighted in the glass which makes for a stunning photo. Flynn was a little confused at first weather to tuck in or throw it but did repeatedly say the word “bawll” so certainly knew what it was supposed to be. He is obsessed with all things spherical and had a good day surrounded by balls of all shapes and sizes. I had fun too, I feel very lucky to have such engaging little people to share my time with. Now all I have to tackle is Jesse’s 5th Birthday in a couple of weeks, which he has announced he would like themed on ‘minitaure’!! Well at least the cake should be easy!!

Last but not least, will be celebrating the birth of our dear Skye, who would have been eight years old on 5th November. This year we have decided to host a Firewalk Event and celebrate Bonfire Night in a rather special way. To find out how you can join in or sponsor us, check out the Firewalk page of the website.

Sweet Birthday Dreams Ball Boy!