Skye is discussed in Parliament Debate on Brain Tumour Research

The first ever Select Petitions Committee Report on the chosen topic of Brain Tumour Research, resulted in a packed public gallery and over 60 MPs debating in Parliament yesterday.
The overwhelming message was that the number of life years lost to Brain Tumours are greater than any other cancer, yet the funding is pitifully low. Ministers were humbled and shocked at the enlightening information they gathered in preparation for this debate and that Brain Tumour Research is now well and truly in the public eye.

I met some lovely parents today, all with desperate stories and I wish you all much love and strength. With the incidence of brain tumours on the rise, MPs Guy Opperman, Ian Stewart and Nicola Blackwood brought a fantastic level of clarity and understanding for the way forward for a despicable Cancer which claims more lives of children and young adults than any other. I am absolutely sure they will they continue to support us so that our children do not die in vain as we strive for better survival rates and a better quality of life post treatment.

With the incidence of Brain Tumours on the rise and the shocking fact that despite it being the cancer that claims most life years lost, it remains pitifully underfunded. This is about to change!

For the full 3 hour Debate:…/3211c3a4-ea0c-425e-8277-43c7a512…