Going Home

Flynn has proven himself to be made of strong stuff having fought off a nasty infection, which seems to want to remain a mystery! The quick actions of the nursing staff on the ward and the commencement of some pretty hard hitting antibiotics, no doubt changed the outcome as he has remained ‘well’ and we could have had a very sick baby on our hands.

On this occasion, we were lucky and Flynn’s lumbar puncture and blood culture provided negative results for meningitis, but other babies are not so lucky and although rare, is a reality for some. If, like me, you assumed that the all important non-blanching rash is the key symptom of meningitis, it was not Flynn’s rash (which he did not present with initially) but the following symptoms that raised alarm bells among medics and I thought it prudent to share them with you, in case it sparks a useful memory to help a sick baby in the future to begin treatment quickly.

These include: a fever with cold hands and feet, swollen fontanelles, unusual crying or moaning, drowsiness, floppiness, dislike of bright lights, grunting or rapid breathing, pale blotchy skin, or a purple-red rash that doesn't disappear when you press a glass against it. 

Flynn showed all of these symptoms with the exception of the non-blanching rash and floppiness. Whilst not meningitis, he has no doubt suffered a pretty impressive infection of some sort and we are grateful his inflammatory markers are now almost back down to normal. Three cheers for the NHS!

Flynn and I have also both been suffering with a head to toe rash (you don't need to see mine), They have been monitored and with both our fever and symptoms much improved, we are on track for home!

During our stay in HDU, I realised how much milk some premature babies require and have subsequently signed up to be a milk donor. It remains to be seen just how much I will be able to produce with my rather hungry hulk, but if anyone out there feels able to express a little extra for the sake of these tiny bundles then contact Amanda.Wood@ouh.nhs.uk or visit OXFORD MILK BANK

As you have been given a clue as to baby Hall's birth weight you have only 1 day left to place your bets at:


The man himself will make the big reveal tomorrow when he will be one whole week old already! Well done Flynn for your first ever Blue Skye Thinking fundraiser and thank you to those of you who played along and pledged your £1.

Going home will be, like every other big event in our lives, a time of great excitement and joy but of course coupled with deep sadness that one boy will be missing. In Jesse’s own words “I think Flynn is crying because he knows he will never meet Skye.” Flynn has two brothers, just as Jesse now does - forever and always.

Skye as the proud big brother almost 4 years ago.

Skye as the proud big brother almost 4 years ago.

Jesse as the proud big brother yesterday - Monday 21st September.

Jesse as the proud big brother yesterday - Monday 21st September.