Baby News - Take 2!

We are proud to announce the safe arrival of our third beautiful son, Flynn Alexander Phoenix Hall. Born at 2.30am today in the water pool at the JR's wonderful Oxford Spires Midwifery Unit. 
Jesse is a very proud big brother, and despite him stating that he already had a brother, so would have rather had a sister, he seems to have been won round with the concept of being able to have a matching wardrobe again! 
We are very grateful to have Flynn in our lives. We are equally grateful for Jesse, who has been through so much upheaval too in his life so far. 
He once again blew us away with his maturity and compassion, when he heard Flynn crying for the first time and immediately said that he thought it was because he would never get to meet Skye! He then went on to say that Flynn could help him with his "very important work" for Skye's Charity and with this in mind we thought of a fun game everyone could play to guess Flynn's birth weight!! Pledge a £1 and have a punt....