Skye's Bench

Despite an emotionally challenging day, we felt so loved and supported by the children, parents and staff at Long Furlong Primary School today. Skye adored his teachers Buzz, Leslie and Faith in the Nursery Class and Jesse has almost completed a full year under their nurturing and watchful eye. I couldn't have wished for a better place for both my boys to have started their school life. 

The school held a little ceremony as part of the unveiling of 'Skye's Bench' which will be situated in the nursery garden for future children to use - it is beautiful, complete with an engraving. Many of Skye's nursery friends were there, including two very special girls; Ellie (also known to many of you as Mrs E Hall) and Evie-May. Both were great friends of Skye's and have kept me full of hope over the past year by telling me little things they remember doing with Skye and how much they love and miss him. I cannot begin to tell you how very touched and lucky I am to still have them in my life.

Ellie wrote this song for Skye and gave it to me today. She said I could share it with you:

'Skye, oh Skye, I wish you did not die

Cause you are, my sweetie pie

Cause I love you so much I do

Because you are my Skye'

It was lovely to hear some stories about the cheeky Skye including how he used to hide his shoes so 'girls' would help him put them on! Only a few weeks before he died, he was adamant he wanted to take Jesse and show him where his secret hiding place had been. 

The other girl trying out Skye's new bench today was Erin whom I will always fondly remember as the Nativity Donkey! Skye was the only boy trusted to be given a line in the Christmas play, and as the Innkeeper, I do not have to spell out what he was expected to say! It was rather unfortunate therefore, that the donkey sat on his fingers just seconds before his big moment so all that came out of his mouth was "my fingers are broken." Luckily Belle, aka Mary did manage to find a suitable stable.

I wanted to share Skye's end of year report with you as it truly sums up Skye's personality, which didn't waiver even on his last day. Although written when he was quite well, the words hold such a deep meaning and leave my in tears every time I read them.

"Skye is an intelligent boy; he is always meaningfully occupied in nursery, spending time engaged in play with friends, investigating or initiating games. He has a fantastic imagination and his play reflects this. Skye makes the most of every opportunity, often adding his own twists to activities, adapting them to suite his own requirements. It has been a delight to have Skye in nursery; his unique personality has left a mark and his absence will leave a hole." Buzz McKenzie

Skye with his teacher - Buzz McKenzie

Skye with his teacher - Buzz McKenzie

Thanks to a sponsored charity walk and scootathon, the school has raised a whopping £3,245.36 for Blue Skye Thinking and we are extremely grateful.