Skye's #FridaySillySmiler - Silly Faces Family Photoshoot

Give it a try this weekend - so much fun and much better end product than a professional shoot! 

1. Take silly photos (let the kids have the camera to take ones of you too.) I used a Mini Fuji Polaroid but normal print look just as nice

2. Buy a frame from a Charity shop (remove glass)

3. Paint it with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 

4. Thread on some string at the back and use wooden pegs to fix photos

5. Have a cup of tea and admire!

p.s No company has paid us to promote them, I just like the products and want to share what I like with you! Here comes the plug bit though.... If you do order anything online, make sure you do it through EASYFUNDRAISING.ORG.UK and as our Charity will get a donation if you sign up and every time you make an order online. It is free, plus, it's a great way to convince yourself "it's ok to buy X" as you are obviously doing it to support us!!!!