Back in Hospital

Andrew and I found ourselves feeling all sorts of emotions yesterday as we took Jesse to the JR Hospital for a scheduled operation on his hand.  Jesse was quite comfortable with being there as he has only ever enjoyed himself on the wards when visiting Skye and was very happy to chat to all the nurses. 

Jesse was a complete star for the General Anaesthetic and it was a pleasant surprise to be able to take in a child who was unaware of what was coming is way. Skye used to use the names of all the medics as part of his emotional plea for them to not do what they were about to do! I don't think many involved will forget such strong debating powers of someone so young!

Andrew had half convinced himself Jesse was not going to be returned to us post-op and I would then give up on life completely. I don't think any over exaggerated feelings like this will disappear in a hurry but in this instance, Jesse was returned to us, all be it in a rather cross mood, and were very well looked after by all concerned, thank you.

Cuddling Jesse in my arms allowed me to close my eyes and remember when I was able to do the same with Skye wishing and praying on everything I believed in that he would be ok. Is it terrible that for a split second, I wished I had Skye in my arms yesterday?