Make a Wish



I have always been the sort of person to never 'waste a wish', seizing every opportunity to take advantage of a chicken bone, eyelash, black cat and birthday cake. Of course during the past year I have found myself almost seeking out opportunities to pray, beg, wishing beyond all else for Skye to get better. Now he has not, I feel no urge to ever make another wish again. I throw chicken bones in the bin, drop eyelashes to the floor and the neighbours better watch out for their cats!

It broke my heart at Pre-school today, when a mother told me her daughter, who had been in the same class as Skye, had said in answer to her mum telling her to make a wish, that "wishes do not come true". When questioned further, she said, "I wished every day that Skye would get better and he didn't".  The trouble is, as a parent, we are supposed to have all the answers and protect our children from the harsh realities of the 'grown up world' but sometimes children hit the nail on the head and their honesty is beautiful if not incredibly sad on occasions.

The magic has certainly gone from my heart forever.