Grace, the Borrowed Angel

If you have young children, you will have no doubt, been subjected (numerous times) to 'Let It Go', a power ballad sung by Edina Menzel as the voice of Elsa from the film Frozen. Kristin Chenoweth, who sings 'Borrowed Angels', has sung many duets with Edina, including my all time favourite 'For Good', a track we played at Skye's funeral. The lyrics "It well may be, that we may never meet again in this lifetime" and "Because I knew you, I have been changed for good" get the tears rolling down my cheeks every time.

The song 'Borrowed Angels' is utterly beautiful and I fell in love with it many years ago, the very first moment I heard it. I never knew then quite how significant a song it would become in my life. I have not shared it until now as I struggle with the sentiment of some of the lyrics but today I had the honour of attending the funeral of a little girl whom became friends with Skye on Kamran's ward. She died just before Christmas and her mummy told me "Grace is an angel now". 

I am in total admiration to her parents and big brother for the beautiful service they gave their daughter today. You would think I would know exactly what to say but sometimes there is just nothing to say. Instead it seems right to share this song and as you listen, please remember Grace, a girl who didn't like life, she loved it. Her favourite quote was from the film Garfield "Hug me, feed me, don't ever leave me".

You are a treasure little one and I had the privilege to meet you, thank you for that. You will live in my heart with Skye forever.