Photons (Radiotherapy) vs Protons - Lots of Misconceptions

Protons offer no better cure than Photons (traditional radiotherapy). It is internationally agreed among the consultants that treating quickly is key. The potential long term side-effect benefit of protons are for hormonal and gut issues later on in life, and whilst significant, are only useful if you are alive! Losing our son Skye to a high risk Medulloblastoma, was certainly not because he stayed in the UK for radiotherapy, as opposed to receiving protons abroad. The key problem is a lack of funding to find better ways of treating at a biological level. Our charity, Blue Skye Thinking, has been set up to aid key research, which supports the internationally regarded Northern Institute of Cancer Research on ground breaking projects which strive to offer a better chance of survival and a better quality of life post treatment.

This is not a problem unique to the NHS, who have fully supported us, but this is a world wide problem for all institutions trying to tackle notoriously aggressive tumours. Our experience has shown the NHS to have a wealth of expert and dedicated professionals who go above and beyond their duty of care to treat those entrusted to their care. The debate about Protons vs Radiotherapy is hugely detracting from the main issues where the treatment protocols as a whole need addressing.

If you feel you want to help children like Ashya King and Skye (who died two weeks ago) then please donate at and visit Skye's facebook page at

Our heart goes out to Ashya for the long and arduous journey, which lies ahead.