Essential Conversations

Yesterday proved to be another busy day. Skye is wanting continuous activities and Sally as per usual is coming up with the goods. Me, not so inventive, I wish I had the resourcefulness of Sally and Mister Maker. Sally and Skye were making a bird house at 4am this morning! We were called into a meeting yesterday to have discussions about terminal care. Hospital, Home or Helen & Douglas House are the 3 options. We naturally opted for home, so the medical staff in conjunction with the staff from Helen & Douglas House will make arrangements for that to happen, so that we have everything we need when he comes home tomorrow - hopefully!

Skye now struggles to hold his head in an upright position. When he his lying down he can move it from side to side but once it has flopped forward he needs assistance getting it back up again. What is all the more hard to take, is that he is so bright and alert in terms of his memory, his speech (slightly altered), and his sense of humour.

Once again, we have no time scales, but he could plateau and stabilise over a period of weeks followed by another dip, and so on, or he could simply stop breathing after further deterioration.

Ironic that he chose the Indian Brave for face painting. If only he knew how brave he has been throughout his ordeal.