Press Coverage

Over the past two weeks there has been a great deal in the local press, and a very balanced article in the Daily Mail online about Skye's current situation and of course his latest initiative Loom to the Moon. As with any press release, there is going to be an element of sensationalism and the need for a 'story'.

Our story is one of an inspirational young man, who has stood tall against everything that has been thrown at him over the past year. Although this is devastating to us as a family, and the cause of great heartache, there is nothing sensational about this. It is purely and simply a story of inspiration. Yes we have been fighting for our son's survival, and yes we have hit frustrations with bureaucracy along the way, but we are fundraising for Blue Skye Thinking so that all children have a better chance of survival and a better quality of life post treatment.

Currently less than 1% of cancer funding goes towards this number one cancer killer in children. We have never 'slammed', or 'hit out' in any shape or form. Ours is a campaign of awareness and raising as much money as we can whilst supporting our son Skye to live each day in a fulfilled and enjoyable manner.