Back Home - with Terminal Care Plan

Thursday proved to be a busy day. A final meeting with the medical staff before discharge was a sobering one. We went through the full list of medication, followed by a step by step process of possible / probable events in the coming weeks. Everything typed out and documented so that we are prepared, as best as one can be, for whatever might transpire in the coming days. Sally continues to be as strong as ever, looking after Skye's every need and more.

It was important that we had distractions on Thursday afternoon, so from hospital we went straight on to Special Effect in Charlbury. Having lost all movement in his arms and hands, Skye was able to play games again using computerised eye gaze technology and a click button which he uses by moving his head. To top it all off, Dr Mick Donegan, the Founder and Director of Special Effect, arrived at the house on Friday afternoon to set up a unit for Skye to use here at home. Skye has benefitted enormously from it, even playing ten pin bowling against Uncle Simon via Skype in Kenya!

Straight from Special Effect we went to visit Halcyon Honey Farm, where we were hosted royally by Geoffrey and Janet Burroughs. Skye got to see the bees being smoked out of the hive by burning an old pair of Geoffs smelly socks, so he says, followed by having the opportunity of digging his fingers into the comb and sucking on them. We then went through to the potting shed where Skye was shown the process from comb to bottling. He was absolutely riveted and we are sincerely grateful to Geoffrey and Janet for their wonderful hospitality and generosity.

It was a lovely afternoon which proved to be a great distraction for us all from the stark reality of our morning conversations.