Emergency MRI

Skye has been attending hospital for daily doses of antibiotics and is making good progress in terms of eating and in his general demeanour. He continues to enjoy his visits to school on a daily basis, just for a couple of hours, but finds these stimulating. Yesterday his visit to the hospital involved a much fuller assessment (at Sally's insistence) due to continued incontinence, increasing weakness in both his arms and legs, slight slurring of speech and 'pins and needles' in his fingers. As a result, they ordered an emergency MRI scan. This of course fills us with dread, and the inevitable questions. The MRI on the 1st of April showed significant reduction since the scan in November, but what has happened in the past 6 weeks is unknown. What we do know is that Skye has been pretty sparky, but with increasing concern about his lack of progress on a physical level. They believe that the signs are indicating a neural issue but what they are looking for, we can only hazard a guess and sensibly they do not speculate, they wait for hard evidence.