Mother's Day and Mummy's Birthday

Tomorrow marks a big day in our journey as Skye undergoes an MRI scan to assess the state of his disease. Anxiety provoking doesn't really begin to describe what Sally and I are feeling. Especially in the light of recent episodes of vomiting. There has been a pattern of morning vomiting developing, which is how it all started. Sally quizzed / grilled / questioned / interrogated our Consultant this morning about what else it might be causing the vomiting, but because of the complex nature of Skye's treatment and the complex nature of the body's possible reaction to those treatments, there are no straight forward answers. Hence tomorrow's scan being such an important marker! Sally and Skye were able to escape for a few hours yesterday to celebrate Mother's Day with Granny. Great first BBQ / Braai of the season! Skye was on good form, sitting in the garden cutting chives for our salad and enjoying some time out of his room. The afternoon went far too quickly before they had to head back. Today we celebrated Sally's birthday at home, which was lovely, can't really say much more - it was just lovely to have the family all together at home. Stark contrast to last year, when we spent the afternoon running about on the beach acting like Easter bunnies in Melbourne. Jesse has once again adapted amazingly since coming home from Granny's on Friday. He is so accepting of everything that is going on around him. Understands that Mummy and Skye have to head off back to the hospital and insisted on standing outside to wave goodbye to them as they drove off. The first thing he said when he woke up this morning was, "it is mummy's special happy birthday day today", which made me want to cry. He is great company and such a hero considering the disruption to his life. Also demonstrates the great job that Granny and GT have done in his regular transitions. Sally had to cope with an awkward conversation on the way back tonight, when going through tomorrow's plan. Skye understands why he has to have the scan and is pretty comfortable with the procedure and says that he can do it without a GA, which shows great character, but for a variety of reasons it will be under GA. "Mummy what happens if the photographs show that the lumps are still there?" - is a much trickier question to answer than most. But he asked it, and unfortunately we don't have the answer. Sally and I have so many questions of our own and some potentially traumatic decisions to make in the coming week. One step at a time is all we can do! We will not have any results until much later in the week, there is no immediate feedback. The info they gain tomorrow will be deliberated by a team of Consultants from a range of disciplines including Radiologists, Neurosurgery, Radiotherapy and Oncology. So no quick results! 6 and a half weeks in hospital now and no real sign of that changing just yet - but hopefully soon.  I always start with the intention of these posts being short and to the point, but it never quite works out that way.