Skye is coping pretty well at home. We managed to get him home last night, technically not we, due to a minor hiccup on the way, but having been discharged at 9pm, we stopped off to pick up Jesse, and unfortunately as we got him into the car, he demonstrated sympathy for Skye by throwing up. So as not to risk Skye's health, he and Sally had to stay, while Skye and I went on our merry way. This brings us on to a very important issue. Skye is now entering a period of risk in terms of infection and the healthier he is, the fewer delays we can expect with his treatment. Despite a blood transfusion last night he will undoubtedly over the next week or so, enter a state of neutropenia, which means that his neutrophils are at a critically low level and that his body will be unable to stave off infection. This state could last for some time, despite the fact that he will be receiving recovery GCSF injections daily, from Thursday onwards. We love having visitors, but if over the preceding five days, you have been in close contact with anyone who has been ill, please refrain from visiting. The reality is, that even the likes of a common cold has the potential to develop into something a great deal more serious given the vulnerable state of his immune system. Everyone's continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.


Despite everything, it is so important that we try to make things as normal as possible. Like celebrating Jesse's 2nd birthday. Jesse has been amazingly understanding that Sally and I are having to spend so much time in hospital. It is really good to have Skye at home and be able to celebrate as a family.