Chemo Underway

Having had a few days at home last week, Skye has been in hospital since Friday to receive his second round of chemotherapy, Etoposide. We had a very frustrating start to this treatment, as demand for beds on the oncology ward are at a premium, and the start had to be delayed by 24 hours until they had bed space. We feel for the staff working in a high pressure environment, who are constantly juggling beds and patients, but a very stressful time for us, as we strive to get Skye the optimum treatment. After a pretty rough day on Saturday, stronger anti-emetics have stabilised him and yesterday saw him being a little perkier. Side effects of the infusion have caused puffiness, particularly his face, and they are working to control this. His current infusion of drugs is due to finish this evening and hopefully come home tomorrow. He will be required to have a blood transfusion at some stage, and they will monitor his bloods to see when this will be necessary.