Things moved pretty quickly yesterday because I have a wonderfully forceful wife! Yet another GP visit where she forced a paediatric consultation. Following a CT scan last night and an MRI this morning, it has been confirmed that he has a significant tumour sitting between the cerebellum and the brain stem. Unfortunately there are cells, which have migrated down the spinal cord, which make treatment more complex. We are planning for surgery on Monday 2 September to remove the bulk of the tumour followed by further treatment depending on the type of cells they find. 


The last 24 hours have been surreal to say the least. Skye has been firm on the fact that he is starting school next week and has been telling the nurses as much. He is in great spirits which makes it even harder for Sally and I to accept that this is in fact real and not some horrible nightmare. Skye has been admitted and will remain here until he is well enough to go home. He is otherwise really well and happy. What a shock for us for a boy who is otherwise bouncy. It is going to be a long process, but he and we are strong.