Shocking Truth - 5 Year Old Boy's Dying Words

Please do not let your children look at this video. Most posts and videos I have made have been up beat and positive just like Skye. Not this one I'm afraid.

This video was shown to a room full of hundreds of people all plied with wine, ready to celebrate a fun evening at the Mother & Baby awards last week. The entire room fell silent during this video, you could hear a pin drop. Thank you Tesco and Mother & Baby for being brave enough to show this. If Skye and other children have to endure such horrors in their short lives, the very least we can do is watch, weep and share. If you feel moved, please donate to:

With all the fantastic TV Appeals, I thought naively, we had funding well covered but we don't. Charities which support research and treatment are understandably not featured, as it is much harder to show tangible results of how your money can help. But let me tell you, the little money researchers do get, comes almost entirely from donations from you, and is shaping the future for these children, whether they live or die, you can't get BETTER RESULTS than that?

Please help me, I can't do this alone. 

Your children can help too by using their Loom Bands to Loom to the Moon!