The past weeks have been unimaginably difficult. There has been an enormous amount going on and not enough hours in the day, despite the fact that sometimes having to face the day is pretty difficult and we sometimes wish that the days were very short indeed, so that in fact we don't have to face the reality of our situation at all.

Hence the Silence!

There are times, when there is absolutely nothing to say. Trying to put into words our pain, our torment, our grief, our loss, our helplessness, is so incredibly difficult and trying to make sense of the world at times, seems a little too much to bear.

I overheard a conversation today: a mother talking on the phone to someone, about the fact that her neighbour was giving her grief because she wasn't back home yet, to take care of her kids. She got off the phone, turned to the person she was with and said, "I don't want to deal with them". I was shocked, saddened, angered, disbelieving and so disappointed in humanity all at the same time.