Our Inspiration

Our inspiration is Skye, a boy who refused to let the biggest cancer killer of children curb an incredible energy and imagination. His ambition to shoot for the moon drives us, and the groundbreaking research we're helping fund. Together we're bringing fresh thinking and great inventiveness to new and better treatments of childhood brain tumours and we need you, to support us in this mission.

This mindset is at the heart of our fundraising. It started with Loom to the Moon and it’s continuing with Aim Skye High, our new fundraising initiative for 2016!


Our Target

Our target is £50,000. It sounds conventional enough, but our approach is anything but. We're asking people to each think of a new and very different way to raise money, be it a few pounds or very many.



We want people to Aim Skye High: your fundraising ideas should be a little crazy, a touch unconventional, and really original. It could be something that no one’s ever thought of or done before. Or it could be a new twist on an old favorite: a cake no one’s baked before or shave off half a beard. All we ask is that you add your creativity and inspiration.

Why? Because it will demonstrate the power of blue sky thinking; because the more out of the box it is, the more talked about it will be; and because it’s exactly what Skye would have done.



Where will the money go?

Researchers are always having to think 'outside the box' and not accept the status quo. Together, we're bringing fresh thinking and great initiatives to new and better treatments of childhood brain tumours.

Relapsed brain tumours carry the most devastating prognosis – fewer than 10% of children who relapse following current therapies will survive.  As one of our three projects, we would like to fund a three year Post Doctoral research position at the renowned Northern Institute for Cancer Research, specialising in pioneering work on the biology of relapsed brain tumours in order to develop new targeted treatments. Having already raised £150k towards this new research project, we are already three quarters of the way to success, but need everyone’s help for the final push to raise the last £50k.





How can YOU join in?

There are lots of ways you can support our appeal.

  • Donate Directly


Text UPUP52 £3 to 70070

Send Cheque payable to Blue Skye Thinking


  • Plan your own 'Skye High' Fundraising Event

Use free Fundraising Pack

Link to Just Giving / Aim Skye High Appeal

Tell us so we can cover your story in the local paper


  • Volunteer

Help us with our in house fundraising events. Your skills are invaluable to us. From serving food at festivals to managing Instagram. WE need you!

For more details visit Volunteer for us